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  • Community Events

    8-30-18 6:30 pm
    Journey to Transcendence

    Can we change our life path on this earth? Why are we here?

    Spring Hill Networking Dinner
    8-30-18 6:30 pm
    Professional Business Networking with

    Want more referrals?Back before social media, people networked face-to-face.They carried business cards, wore name tags, and shook hands.And guess what? It worked.Go offline with RGA networking events and get ready to make a real career...

    Monthly mastermind session for local R/E Investors!
    8-30-18 6:30 pm
    Spring Hill Real Estate Investors Meetup

    My sole intention with this group is to be a mastermind opportunity, a meeting of the minds, a gathering of other local, like-minded real estate investors who are looking to improve their lives through real estate investing, to help others...